Rent Property in London

Written by Andrew Charalambous

Renting a home instead of buying one is a cheaper option in the sense that you do not have to lay out a massive twenty or thirty percent deposit of the overall value of the property to gain a mortgage agreement.

London Property

If you are thinking of renting instead of buying, here is a quick guide to how to successfully get a contract with an estate agent or landlord.

First of all, you will need to think about what type of property that you require and in which area. You will also need to be clear on what you can afford and look at the average prices of the particular location.

Location wise, you should check out things like schools if you have children and shops nearby for shopping.

Flats are generally cheaper than houses to rent as you will not have a garden, and they generally have less bedrooms.

If you are using a letting agent then you will have to go through a procedure where certain checks will be needed. Also there will be some admin fees that can be expensive for things like paperwork.

Mr Charalamous is a London property owner that does not use the same methods of the mainstream estate agents. This is because his company does not charge any fees or ask from a reference from a past landlords or credit checks. This make the whole process a lot easier to rent a property.

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